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November Focus of the Month

  Parighasana, the Gate Pose + Four Gates of the Mandala   Parighasana is a deep side bend. It is useful for toning the abdominals, improving circulation, for … more »

Meditations for Healing

Many of us suffer from chronic pain, whether it’s from arthritis, joint pain, injury or illness. Narcotics are often prescribed, and while they can help considerably, many … more »

Give the Gift of Yoga!

Gift certificates for yoga classes are now available to purchase online and at the studio! Choose from the following options: Single Class ($18), 5-Class Card ($80), … more »

Did you know?

You can get the BEST deal on classes by signing up for our Yearly Membership. Just $110 per month (billed monthly via credit card) for unlimited classes at Satya! Or pay … more »

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Do you find yourself rushing to make it to class or workshop and arrive to find a line out the door? Or you're about to pay and realize you left your wallet in the car? If you … more »

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